Course Overview
Students engaging in Advanced STEM Research observe the real world, create questions regarding their observations utilizing background research, formulate a hypothesis or engineering goal centered on those observations, develop a method of quantitative experimentation, analyze the data set using appropriate statistical analysis, and present the STEM research to the scientific community.

Course Material
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Science & Engineering are verbs, not nouns.

Current Research:

Josie Westmoreland (Senior)
- Delta 18-O in Dendrochronological Samples As An Indicator For Climate Change

Katreace Boss (Junior)
- Sectional Analysis of Micro-plastics in Soil

Chase Kissler (Junior)
- Engineering a Polarized Visor with Adjustable Transparency

Maddie Scrupps (Junior)
- Utilization of Electrophoresis in Human Saliva for Protein Identification

Nathan Carstensen (Sophomore)
- Application of Recyclable Fabric for the Cultural Control of Watermilfoil

Emily Scrupps (Sophomore)
- Coding And Printing 3D Biological Material

Chloe Winkler (Sophomore)
- Postharvest Canola Stalk for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Past Research:
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